'Til Death Do Us Part is the fanlisting for the ongoing Marvel comic series Mr. & Mrs. X (2018-2019), written by Kelly Thompson. The events of this series pick up directly from X-Men Gold Vol. 6 (2018), and follow the exploits—both domestic and intergalactic (and that's the first volume alone!)—of Rogue and Gambit (Remy LeBeau) after they finally tied the knot.

Thompson does a fine job integrating and resolving Rogue and Gambit's previous relationship issues and resolving significant plot points in memorable storylines (e.g., the Magneto and Belladona angles), and she pays homage to the best and most unforgettable RoGambit content as only a longtime fan can.

Rogue and Gambit have been my favorite X-Men couple for as long as I could remember, and this series gives me great joy because, in at least one timeline, I have seen them they finally get the ending they deserve. If you're a fan of the series yourself, please consider joining the list. :)